Morton Neuroma

A forefoot neuroma is a benign tumor or abnormal growth on a nerve in the foot caused by an irritation of nerve cells. Most commonly found between the third and fourth metatarsals (toes), symptoms often include a burning sensation of the foot accompanied by a feeling of pins and needles. Some patients actually experience a “popping” or “dislocation” sensation. This ailment is usually caused by improper shoes, ie: tight fitting shoes and/or heels that force extra weight onto the forefoot.


If the neuroma is particularly painful, your Chiropodist/ Podiatrist may opt to inject with Cortisone to decrease the inflamed nerve. A metatarsal pad can alter the biomechanics of the foot. This support will widen the space between the third and fourth bones of the foot, thus decreasing the compressive forces acting on the inflamed nerve. However, it’s usually a biomechanical fault of abnormal pronation, in which case an orthotic is prescribed. Where necessary, surgery for the inflamed neuroma involves the removal of the affected portion of the nerve.