Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a medical referral?

No a medical referral is not needed. Chiropodists are Primary care practitioners therefore no referral is necessary, even though many patients are referred by their physician or another health care provider. Simply call DeSimone Foot & Ankle Centre to make your appointment.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes an appointment is required. Simply call DeSimone Foot & Ankle Centre to make an appointment. Your appointment is needed so ensure that all patients are given the proper medical attention. Request an appointment here.

Is this service covered through OHIP?

Although most private health insurance plans cover part or all chiropody services, OHIP does not presently cover any of the costs of a Chiropodist.

How long is the appointment? What should I bring to my first appointment?

Your first visit to the Chiropodist will include a complete physical of your feet and legs, and a thorough medical history will be taken. A good overall view of your health is important to Chiropodists because your health forms an important link to many foot conditions and vice versa. Therefore, the appointment can range from 15 to 30 minutes. You should wear or bring the shoes which you currently use the majority of the time and you should wear loose clothing so we can access/view the knees and lower leg. Remember to bring all of the medications you are presently taking.

Where are you located?

We are located at 761 Lasalle Boulevard in New Sudbury directly across from the Montrose Mall.

Will it hurt?

Generally all treatments are painless. If the present condition is of a painful and sensitive nature, a local anaesthetic can be used.

If I need shoes, where will I get them?

Our centre carries Etonic, Jepara and Minado, which are high-end shoes developed specifically for chiropodists/podiatrists. We also carry a range of sandals and casual shoes.

I was just fit with my new orthotics, what should I expect?

Following the fitting of your orthotics, there is a period of foot and physical adjustment. For some individuals, orthotics can be worn full-time within a few days, whereas for others, a gradual increase in wearing orthotics is appropriate (read the information package in the your orthotics bag). We recommend starting by wearing the orthotics for one hour and increasing this by one hour each day progressively. You will be booked in for an appointment after wearing your orthotics for four weeks. If additional visits or adjustments are required, there will be no charge for the first two months. The DeSimone Foot and Ankle Centre prides itself on its commitment to complete customer satisfaction and we invite you to bring to our attention any problems you may have with your orthotics in order that we may make the required adjustment promptly.

Remember: Once break-in period is over (two weeks), orthotics must be worn at all times – even in your home.

Note: All orthotics are custom made at the lab according to your individual foot’s exact specifications and therefore we do not permit refunds once ordered.