We proudly carry ETONIC footwear. Etonic is committed to advancing the performance, durability and comfort of its footwear, apparel and accessories in every category. With a 150 year heritage of innovation in golf, running, basketball, tennis and performance walking footwear, Etonic is deep in the development of its next generation of products2 with a commitment to the highest standards of performance and style.

    Amerigel Products

    The natural line of Amerigel® advanced skin and wound care products with Oakin® were developed to improve outcomes, reduce treatment costs and help patients live a healthier life. We invite you to learn more about the Amerigel® product line, Oakin® Technology and how our Natural, Drug-Free, Steroid-Free, Antibiotic Free products can address your wound and skin care needs.


      We carry many lines of sandals that have removable footbeds, so that our orthotic wearers have the ability to wear orthotics in the summer time as well. We carry, Aetrex sandalistas, Biotime, Cambrian, Finn COmfort who all have removable footbeds. But for those patients who don't really need their orthotics but do need arch support, we carry Birkenstock Sandals. Often the perfect match to your orthotic shoes.

        Braces - Splints

        We carry a wide variety of OTC braces depending on your individual need.

        • • ankle braces
        • • tensors
        • • walking casts
        • • custom Ritchie Brace
        • • OTC Ritchie Brace
        • • plantar fasciitis night splints (dorsal and plantar)


        • • Full Alpressan line
        • • Foot Repair System cream
        • • Lanolin
        • • CFPM Enzyme Foot Cream
        • • CFPM Skin softening
        • • Biofreeze
        • • Pumice Stone


        • • FFN-Rx
        • • Formula 3
        • • Dr. Remedy Nail Polish
        • • Biotext
        • • Tea tree oil


        We carry a full line of Diabetic seamless socks. The Simcan Comfort Sock® is knit with a unique expandable leg that provides consistent comfort from the low profile toe seam to the very top of the cuff. It is designed to accommodate almost any size leg and not restrict the wearer's vascular circulation. The combination of the miracle stretch fibers and the specialized knitting process provides maximum adherence on the leg to resist slipping. It's no wonder that The Simcan Comfort Sock® has become Canada's favorite affordable health sock. Dr.Comfort Socks are Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Padding in both the Heel and Forefoot. Great Comfort and a great match in our Dr. Comfort shoes.


          We carry a wide variety of orthopeadic footwear. Acor, Aetrex, Apex, Dr.Comfort, Finn Comfort, Portofino and many more. All of our footwear is geared to helping our patients achieve their foot health goals.

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