A corn, or heloma, is a buildup of dead skin on the side or on the top of the toe. Corns are usually caused by a contraction or compression of the toes. The toe may have been affected by a biomechanical foot fault, or because of improperly fitting shoes. Corns that occur between toes are called “soft” or “wet” corns. Corns can also occur on the bottom of the foot, usually on weight bearing areas.


Since a corn is sometimes caused by undue pressure on the toe joint from ill-fitting shoes, deep shoes will provide more space for the toes and will decrease the amount of pressure and rubbing on these painful areas. Your Chiropodist/ Podiatrist will mechanically remove the corn/callous formation and prescribe a proper home treatment program of proper shoes, pumice and appropriate cream. You will most likely need to be seen on a bi-monthly basis.